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Protecting You & Your Estate

Protecting You & Your Estate

There are many things to be considered when looking at protecting both your family and your home. Inheritance tax and capital gains tax, illness and loss of income need to be part of an effective protection planning strategy.

Having worked hard to build up your estate, it is vital that you have an effective estate planning strategy in place, that way you can pass on that wealth to the people you care about and minimise the amount of tax you pay.

Life Protection

The aim of life protection (or life assurance) cover is to protect you against the unexpected. It will provide money for people who financially depend on you. We need to consider the impact and consequences our death would have on the people most close to us.

We can advise on Family and Personal Income Plan, Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection Benefit to help you get the right protection in place for your family's financial future.


Making a Will is critical in Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning and it is important to make sure it is well written and planned. Failing to make a Will could see your assets divided according to intestacy rules.

Making the most of the tax reliefs available and ensuring your assets go where you want them a carefully drafted Will can help plan your IHT appropriately.


Trusts play a vital role in modern financial planning.

The trust's main purpose is to keep your estate out of probate after your death.