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Hotel Seminars covering Estate planning

The theme for our seminars is 'Stop worrying about your Money ... start enjoying it'. The aim of each seminar is to provide you with a clear view to grow and protect your wealth in a climate of low interest rates and inflation. Also, due to a high tax environment, volatile investment markets and near zero interest rates these will be some of the topics covered during the presentation:

  • Investing wisely for income and growth.
  • The practical alternatives to keeping cash on deposit.
  • Highly effective ways of reducing rising taxation.
  • Utilising the benefits of the changes in Pension legislation to your advantage.
  • The main planning points to consider before and after retirement.
  • Securing your children's and grandchildren's financial future.
  • Increasing your income and protecting your property during your retirement years.
  • Take more holidays and spend more time with your family.
  • Taking the worry away of your estate being eroded by Inheritance Tax.
  • Funding long-term care.
  • The options regarding Lasting Power of Attorney documents, Family Trusts and Wills*.
  • Why a basic Will can cause major problems in the future*.

* Wills and trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The writing of Wills involves a distinct and separate service from those offered by Merlin Financial Services Ltd.

Seminar Schedule

Each of Simon's seminars runs to the following timetable

9.30 am registration, tea & coffee
10.00 am seminar commences
11.15 am tea & coffee break
11.45 am seminar starts again
12.45 pm seminar closes
1.00 pm lunch is served

Future seminars will be detailed below, however we do not have any seminars planned at the moment for 2019.

We will update you as and when there are some seminar dates and locations to put in place.